Referrals Come from Relationships

Frank Arnold, Weaver,
Brandon Cross, NODE LLC,
Louis Droll, MicroShare,
Charlie Weisinger, Weisinger Law Firm,
Katy Bryant, Laser Printings and Mailing,

Acquiring a new customer from a "cold lead" may cost five times more than keeping a current customer; so work on customer retention. Ask your current customers for a "warm lead" from a referral, which will likely cost you less and produce a better result. Here are some other ways to work on your "warm referrals:"

  • Asking for referrals is not always easy. I prefer to use a simple, one-time request during a friendly conversation.

  • The customer wants to know that you are honest and care about helping them, not so much about your slick marketing collateral. Customers who come back to me or stay with me know my honest value proposition and they can trust me to deliver.

  • Deep relationships and trust are business imperatives that create loyal customers and potential customers. Great products help, but today it’s about relationship.

  • When asking for referrals and when communicating at networking events, be clear and concise about your ideal client. You shouldn’t be marketing to everyone, so market to your niche audience.

  • Consistently re-evaluate the process you use for requesting referrals or testimonials from loyal clients.