The Positive Effects of Doing Good

Does your workplace participate in philanthropic efforts or align with a cause? It’s been well documented that philanthropic activities help build employee engagement. Plus, the added bonuses of "doing good" as a company are team building, opportunities for positive PR and a way to walk the talk, all the while reinforcing what your company stands for.

Philanthropic activities help build employee engagement by strengthening four key areas:

  • Gratitude: When employers give staff members the opportunity to give back, they feel a sense of gratitude to the organization for giving them this chance. This strengthens their emotional connection with your business.
  • Productivity: An engaged employee is a more productive worker. Employees become more engaged with their team as they all work toward a common goal. This drives down absenteeism and career apathy while boosting productivity and employee satisfaction.
  • Ethical Behavior: As employees engage in altruistic endeavors, they develop a personal identity that leads to more ethical decision-making. Working ethically becomes a part of the corporate culture.
  • Pride: When your team members feel proud about the charitable work they do, this sense of pride is transferred back to the company. Corporate pride ties in directly with employee engagement.

Need ideas of where to begin? Be judicious in selecting a charitable partner(s) and follow these steps:

  • Clarify your business’ values and find a connection. Ideally, you should align with a cause that directly ties to the business or represents one or more of your company values. Clarifying (or establishing) your company vision will help you see the natural connection between your organization and a charitable partner.
  • Poll your stakeholders and employees. Survey both your customers and your employees to see which causes they support. Choosing a charitable partner that your customers and employees stand behind will show you care and will encourage participation.
  • Determine your criteria. Consider the size of the organization, age of the charity, whether they work locally, nationally or internationally, and how their mission aligns with your vision. Try searching to view charities by your designated criteria.