The Internet Is Following You

Have you ever been looking at a fantastic pair of shoes online, decided not to buy them at that time, and then suddenly start seeing ads for the shoes everywhere you go? There is a reason for this, and it’s a little marketing trick called remarketing, also sometimes referred to as retargeting.

This is a simple, yet effective technique that you can use on your site for all different types businesses. It is most popular with B2C commercial products, but is also very effective in B2B marketing. There are various reasons why a visitor might bounce off your website. Sometimes they’re just not interested, but more often they just become distracted by other things that are out of your control. Don’t let these potential customers forget about you and get lost!

Setting up a remarketing ad campaign is quite easy and can be done through your Google Adwords ( account, or run through another platform such as Adroll ( The basics involve pasting a tracking code (generated by your advertising platform) into the footer section of your browser. This code will allow the platform to place cookies on the visitor’s browser, which then allows your advertisement "follow" that visitor around as they surf different websites on the internet. Note that there are privacy policies that you need to follow in order to run a remarketing campaign with any platform. Some countries have also passed laws requiring additional privacy notifications for websites that are using tracking codes.

The platforms will also allow you to segment your visitors based on geography, what pages they’ve visited, and other behaviors so you can effectively target those visitors with advertisements that will most effectively speak to them.