Tips from the Top - August 2015


How to Deliver Bad News without Demotivating Employees

If you have to deliver bad news to your employees, such as layoffs or benefit reductions, remember to cover three areas in your speech or memo, as follows…

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The Elements of a World Class Team

It does not matter if we are talking about sports, music, sales, military, or business teams. The ingredients that produce great teams are identical. All world class teams have these five elements in common…

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Quick Tips

Turn Your Office into an Art Gallery

Several years ago, we moved into a new building. We were trying to decide how to decorate the blank walls. An employee had an idea to use photographs from company staff to give our office a personal feel. We established an internal contest where employees could submit "gallery type" photographs with the content to be landscape, travel, urban, etc. We received over 150 entries for 25 spots! We enlarged them and had them framed, with the top three vote "getters" being super-enlarged and having prominence in location. The entire company was very proud of the space, and we intend on renewing the art using this method annually. We continue to get positive comments from our clients with some wanting to try the idea in their office.

By : Kevin Hartig, ESC Engineering

Confirming Comprehension

When I discuss an issue with an employee, I ask that they confirm the course of action determined to me via email. This way I know whether they heard the same thing that I heard.

By : Gerald Stowers, Execupay

Tying Compensation to Skill Level

We publish wage ranges for every position. It solves the problem of employees asking “How much more will you pay me?” on each anniversary. When they max out in a position, they know they have to learn new skills or stop getting increases.

By : Charles Knapik, TAB San Antonio

Invest in Your Employees’ Professional Development

One way to show employees you care is to invest in their professional development. Make sure you understand their career goals and then send them to classes, make online classes available to them, start a company library with books or audio/visual resources that they can borrow. Also make sure you forward employees key articles or other information that you receive that will further their development. You don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot in return. Employees will appreciate the effort and this will go far in making them more loyal to you and your company.

By : Blair Koch, TAB Denver West

Discover Employee Motivations – By Asking

Don’t assume that you know what motivates your employees. Ask them for a list of their top 10 motivators at work and in their personal lives. Use these as a form of reward and motivation as much as you’re able.

By : TAB Suffolk County, Board 406