Tips from the Top - May 2015


A Better Performance Evaluation Process

A TAB Member suggests a  performance evaluation process that actually leads to improvement…

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What is Leadership?

A TAB Facilitator and Coach discusses the essential difference between leadership and management…

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Quick Tips

Managing the Masters

As a manager, it is not necessary for you to know everything. The people who work for you should be the "masters." It is your job to manage their abilities.

By : Patti Zimmerman, Koffel Associates Inc.

Why Management Exists

Too many managers get wrapped up in "kingdom building" – spending the majority of their efforts on expanding their territory and establishing their authority. But these efforts are largely selfish, with a focus on the impact the manager is having on the organization, rather than the impact of the people he or she is managing. The best managers realize that their jobs exist to support and empower the people they manage. It’s important to remember that management is not the revenue-generating function of your business. The people doing the work (and being managed) are creating the product or service your business delivers.

By : Kris Kelso, The Kelso Group

Actions, Not Words

Something I learned from my grandfather many years ago served me well when I was an employee, and it serves me well as a business owner. "Don’t tell them what you can do. Show them what you can do!" he used to say. I’ve instilled this into the culture of our organization and it has made us a better company.

By : Steve Hague, PolarStar Engineering & Machine