Tips from the Top - April 2015


People Trust Those Who Educate

A TAB Member tells how taking an education-based approach to marketing positions his company as the industry experts…

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Marketing to the Emotional Brain

A TAB Member tells how his company learned that the company’s marketing message should connect with emotional brain rather than the logical brain…

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Quick Tips

Incentivizing Referrals with Travel Rewards

Like most companies, our company thrives on sales, repeat business and referrals. To get there, we build relationships and learn how to thank our customers meaningfully. Sometimes it just takes an earnest, hand-written card. Other times it may be a dinner or a sporting event. But, the most lucrative incentive program we offer is the reward of TRAVEL. People get very excited about receiving a travel reward. It’s not just our customers; it’s our sales staff too. Everyone with a stake in winning works harder and ultimately delivers more sales revenue. Our travel rewards program cost is from increased revenue, so it feels as if it costs our company nothing.

By : Kenny Suchet, Finishing Touches Business Decoratin

Enticing Customers to Return...and Bring a Friend

If you are looking for an effective and lower cost marketing idea, try giving your customers a coupon for a discount on their next purchase along with a similar coupon for use only by a friend to whom they recommend your service or products. The customer will be appreciative and encouraged to return, as well as to "help" a friend while helping you attract new customers. We called our program the "Bounce Back Program" and limited the time so that customers thought of it as special.

By : Trace Blakely, United Parts Plus

The Merits of Offering Free Advice

Twice a year, I send a direct mail post card to current customers and prospects as a reminder to bring their boat in for servicing. The spring card reminds them to have their boat prepped before the summer launch, with the fall post card focused on winterizing. Recently, I began adding a short boat maintenance tip to make my post card more memorable and to differentiate myself as the local boating expert. Responses thus far suggest that my free advice is working. In time, I hope customers will begin to anticipate the arrival of my next post card and another free tip.

By : James Merten, Jr., Merten Marine Ltd.