Tips from the Top - March 2015


The Internet Is Following You

Have you ever been looking at a fantastic pair of shoes online, decided not to buy them at that time, and then suddenly start seeing ads for the shoes everywhere you go? There is a reason for this, and it’s a little marketing trick called remarketing, also sometimes referred to as retargeting

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5 Common Email Mistakes

Email has become an integral part of doing business, but many people still struggle to get it right. Here are five common mistakes I see that limit the effectiveness of email communications…

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Social Media - When is it a Waste of Time?

Whether your business is small or big, being on social media is a good idea. The visibility and connectivity accessible through social media has convinced most business owners that it’s worth their while. But what isn’t so clear is how to measure what’s working and what’s not, and when to drop a platform that’s just waste of time and energy…

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Quick Tips

Use Recorded Webinars for Training

When developing training tools for employees or customers, keep them short. People have a short attention span. This is especially true if you are doing webinars. You can do the webinars live but you can also pre-record them or record them as you are doing the live presentation. This will allow people to go back and review the presentation or see it if they weren’t able to attend the live session. Typically shorter webinars are better received– 15 to 30 minutes maximum. People tend to "check-out" if they are longer.

By : Pete Psotny, Cornerstone Homes Realty

Real-time Chat Software for Sales and Service

A few years ago I decided that I needed to upgrade my accounting software. While searching on the vendor’s site, a live chat window popped up. The representative answered my questions and helped me compare products to decide whether or not I needed the more expensive enterprise version. The experience was so good that I actually bought the software then and there, and at a discount that the rep was able to offer me online.

The experience made me think about my own website and whether the ability to chat with someone would provide my customers an opportunity to buy on the spot. I did some research and I found a fantastic quick-to-chat software called It allows us to see who is on the site so we can provide customized responses, to transfer the chat to the appropriate person in our company, to have multiple people handling the chat, to set the hours that the chat service is available, to pass customers a link, and to redirect them automatically to another page on the site. Using this affordable service, we are able to provide our customers sales support at the time they are thinking about purchasing. We can also provide technical support more conveniently.

By : Neutra Ronen, Neu-tec Group Inc.