Tips from the Top - October 2015


Involve Your Team in Setting Goals

Regular team meetings with employees are needed to ensure that everyone is on the same page and to involve them with setting company goals. Here is a suggested agenda to go through during the meeting to help employees see the big picture and feel empowered to achieve the desired goals…

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The Positive Effects of Doing Good

Does your workplace participate in philanthropic efforts or align with a cause? It’s been well documented that philanthropic activities help build employee engagement. Plus, the added bonuses of "doing good" as a company are team building, opportunities for positive PR and a way to walk the talk, all the while reinforcing what your company stands for.

Philanthropic activities help build employee engagement by strengthening four key areas…

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Quick Tips

Do Employees See Themselves in the Company Vision?

It’s nice to have the company vision displayed for all to see, but how many employees know what it means? In our business, part of each performance review is a requirement that the employee describe how he or she evidences the company vision in daily work.

By : Adam Vielock, Employer Flexible

Communicate The Why

As a business, communicate WHY you do what you do, the passion and shared belief, versus merely WHAT you do. No one cares what you do, but they will care if they believe what you believe. Find out the "why" (passion) from each employee regarding WHY they want to work for you, and discover if they believe what you believe as an organization. People prefer to work for a cause they believe in, not merely a paycheck. If your employees are only there for the paycheck, perhaps you need more passionate employees.

By : Rick Shone, Wilderness Supply Co.

Teamwork as a Relay Race

To emphasize the importance of everyone’s role along the value chain to our customers, I use the analogy of a relay race. A relay race depends on every team member doing their best and it’s critical to treat the baton with care along the journey, especially when handing it off to the next team member. The most important employee at any time is the one who has direct contact with the customer (i.e., the one carrying the baton). If we drop the baton, then the race is over and everyone on the team loses.

By : James Pool, Texas Design & Build

Employees Want to Help You Achieve Your Goals

During a recent employee meeting, I shared with the whole company our business goals and illustrated how each member of the team supports the goal. For each employee, I provided specific examples of recent activities and how that person contributed toward meeting the shared company goals. Not only was everyone reminded of the company goals, people gained an appreciation for the role their co-workers play in the organization. Plus, employees gained a sense of how the small actions they take each day can make a big difference.

By : Bill Gibson, Shurail HVAC